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Our EP Team

Where Lifelong Learning Begins

Our amazing team of professional teachers have extensive teaching experience in Hong Kong and/or Canada; they understand the education systems of both locations and know how to assist students who are new to Canada by giving them support in language learning. We only recruit certified teachers who have a relevant education bachelor’s degree or beyond. Our dedicated team shares the singular passion in helping each student to achieve his/her maximum potential.


We understand students come to us with different abilities and needs, therefore we use different pedagogies to cater to various learning needs in the same classroom. To ensure our students are learning at a suitable level, our teachers will individually assess each new applicant. This will be followed by a detailed teacher-parent consultation in which further discussions about the child’s learning needs is encouraged.

Asian teacher giving her student a high five

EP Team

Ms. Sandra | Founder

I am from Hong Kong but grew up in Toronto. I spent a year studying in the United Kingdom to pursue my master’s degree in Education. I have 15 years of teaching experience in Diocesan Boys’ School, 5 of those years chairing the department of English Language and Literature.


My favourite part of teaching children is getting to know them and seeing how they become more confident and passionate about English.  


I believe learning English must be fun, interactive and educational! I like to make sure all my students leave my classes with a big smile! 

Ms. Athena

As a passionate educator with 7 years of ESL teaching in both learning centres and schools, I believe the most enjoyable aspect of this journey is crafting interactive and enjoyable lessons for my students. After graduating with a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Hong Kong, I had the privilege of teaching students from top tier local and international schools in Hong Kong like Marymount Secondary School, La Salle College, Chinese International School and Harrow International School Hong Kong.

Language learning should be done at one’s own pace and making mistakes is an essential part of the process. I strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for students to embrace their own errors without fear of judgement.

Ms. Charmaine

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I graduated from Diocesan Girls’ School, a top elite secondary school in Hong Kong. I carried on to pursue a double degree in English Literature and English teaching for my university studies. After that, I taught at a local HK primary school for two years before moving to Canada. Since arriving in Canada, I have studied to become a TESL Ontario certified teacher, specializing in teaching adults English as their second language. I have experience teaching English to various age groups, ranging from kids and teens to adults. I aspire to foster a creative, fun, caring and intellectual classroom learning environment for my students.

Ms. Jade

I have five years of ESL teaching experience both domestically and overseas. I hold a degree in English Language Education from Hong Kong and a TESL certificate from Canada. Currently, I also teach English at a public college in Toronto, focusing on academic reading and writing. My teaching experience spans various levels, from primary school students in Hong Kong to college students and adults in Canada.

I believe in fostering a joyful and inclusive learning atmosphere. My goal is to ensure that every learner progresses at their own pace, embracing mistakes as valuable steps in their learning journey.

Ms. Stella

「師者,所以傳道、授業、解惑也。」― 〈師說〉


Ms. Hana


Mr. Tony

Graduating from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, I have several years of tutoring experience in mathematics and science in Hong Kong. 

My fascination with how everything works in our daily life fuels my curiosity about the scientific principles underlying them. My wish is to help students in comprehending the world through logical and scientific lens. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and love of science and mathematics.

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