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Comprehension & Writing by Oxford

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Comprehension & Writing (C&W) by Oxford is a fun and colorful six-level supplementary series that develops reading and writing skills through a broad range of exciting texts. With engaging texts and topics to develop reading and writing skills, C&W by Oxford is the perfect partner for non-native learners aspiring to attain native equivalence. It builds up reading skills through a wide variety of texts students want to read including websites and magazines. The supportive writing tasks give students the opportunity to write ‘real’ texts about themselves such as emails and diary entries. Each chapter also has an optional vocabulary section for enhanced learning.

Oxford Story Phonics

牛津故事語音課程 (Oxford Story Phonics) 按「牛津語音階梯」編寫,採用「首尾音拼合法」,幫助孩子循序漸進地發展音韻覺識 (Phonological Awareness),逐步掌握英語字詞的音節 (syllable) 、首音 (onset) 和尾韻 (rhyme),再學習拼合 (blending) 和分拆 (segmenting) 字詞,輕鬆建立穩固的英語和語音學習 (Phonics) 基礎,為將來的閱讀和寫作做好準備。

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《啟思中文課程》由中文教材權威機構啟思出版社編輯團隊精心編寫。 它為幼兒階段學習漢語奠定了堅實的基礎。 學生進入下一個階段後,將配合專門設計的“小步教學法”,教授他們更多的語言技能和學習中文策略,從而輕鬆提高他們的漢語聽說讀寫能力。

EP Learning 獨家數學課程

一切從理解開始! 由香港前名校資深數學老師為加拿大學生設計 100% 因材施教

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